16 August 2013

little wonders

When I was little, I was. . .um. . .let's call it strong-willed.

I fought against taking baths.  And putting on socks.  And leaving the house if I wasn't wearing lipstick and a dress and carrying a handbag.

I bit my brother.  Semi-regularly.

While carrying one snake in each hand, I chased a family friend who was afraid of snakes through our back yard until he jumped the fence into the neighbor's yard.  I was maybe three years old.  {You're welcome, Todd.}

I threw fits in restaurants.  I threw fits in department stores.  I banged my head on the wall when I was mad and then refused to speak to my parents.  They had to send my brother in to do damage control, b/c I would talk to him.

I had colic when I was born and then didn't sleep through the night till I was four years old.  {Yes, years.}

But I potty-trained myself.

And since I had to learn everything my brother was learning, I could read by the time I was four.

Plus, I was cute.

* * *

When JLR was little, he was, for the most part, quite well-behaved.

He did hold his sister upside-down over a second-story banister with nothing below her but a marble floor.

And he did skip catechism once.  {...Tammy.}

But he ate the food his mother prepared.  He made his bed without even having to be asked.

He organized the playroom.

And he slept well.

Plus, he was cute.

* * *

Since the day we got married, JLR has been apprehensive about the prospect of having children b/c he's afraid that his genes aren't strong enough to tame mine.

In February 2014, we'll find out if he's right.

Lord help.

Today, I am 13 weeks pregnant.

The next birthday we celebrate in this household will be that of our child.

Here goes nothin'...

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  1. There's no way that kid is gonna be anything except awesome!! My heart is swelling with pride already. Don't know how I'm gonna keep from exploding before February. I love you!!!